Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What Mac You?

I may invest in a Black MacBook end of this year. Not MacBook Air, Not MacBook Pro, just normal MacBook because I will still keep my other laptop which I am using now for my statistics use. It's too expensive to buy this statistics software in both Window & Mac versions, so I bought most statistical and their upgrade softwares in Window version. Thus, I have to still rely most times on the other laptop.

You'll be thinking, then why Mac again? I am so annoyed with the 188,888 (exaggerating figure haha ..) viruses come from everywhere. While you are disinfecting some of them here, the other some pop up at the other end. Some friends of mine don't even aware of their laptops/pcs were infected until I noticed weird incidents happened (diagnosis from their descriptions) eg. their machine works extremely slow, pc switching off in the middle of their chat or e-mailing, constant attacks by spyware etc. and troubleshooting doesn't seem to help their pc at all. Since Mac now runs on all the major operating systems including Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Vista. With software like Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion, one can even run them side by side. I don't see the switch to Mac any harder than the inconveniences from troubleshooting my laptop and the lag while multi-tasking.

My only concern is the MemoryStick compatibility issue, since I use them quite a lot to transfer my photos. I haven't had the opportunity to visit the Mac store yet, so I rely my information mostly from internet research. Most websites I've researched don't seem to provide me with convincing answers to the MemoryStick issue (eg. how do I transfer my photos from my M2 and Micro SD cards of my respective Sony Ericsson and Nokia hand phones)!?


Anonymous said...

I saw it at Apple. Very cool! The OS quite fun to play with :)

Boy will know more I think :)

pancake Queen said...

Yep, I may get one end of year ;-p

Senor Pablo said...

I love Mac. I've been using Mac book pro for a year now. Yes! No viruses! There is no turning back!

pancake Queen said...

Thanks SP! I bought MacBook 3 weeks ago, and love it absolutely esp. cut down plenty of unnecessary time in waiting for machine start-up!