Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Unbeatable Fashion

Baby K is 20 weeks old today. He has shown more personality than when he was younger. He doesn't seem to take after his parents' personality, hobbies, general likes & dislikes, except he and his daddy like lions. Sometimes he has this expression on his face which says: "I love it this way. This is my life, and stop telling me what's right from only your own angle." My Mama and SIL have started to take him out shopping. His first shopping field trip was last Friday, and now Baby K wants his daily outing trip as soon as he has showered. When he's out, he will make loud noise when he sees things he likes. Babies these days are adorable. Mama told me we only mastered giggling and no specific personality traits were revealed when myself and my younger siblings were at 20th week old. Baby K loves orange and dark blue colour. He likes one-piece suits, preferably with stripes. He knows his likes & dislikes, and he will show instant disapproval with his dislikes. His favourite bib is the one with green rim that says: "I love my grandma, my grandma loves me." HaHa ...

Aren't these Baby Gap clothes cute?

Note: Actually I don't approve of this photo above. Children shouldn't be allowed to carry sharp objects.

I bought this Baby Gap polo with stripes one-piece suit for Baby K, because it doesn't come in Baby K's favourite colours.

I love this Baby Gap Safari design one-piece suit, but South East Asia doesn't seem to carry this design.

I'm sure my brother would like his baby son in this Baby Gap body suits, but it has sold out when I was looking for it.


Anonymous said...

Wow, very nice :) I just talked to PapanMama and Baby K on video call. They were at the garden enjoying morning sun.

I miss home a lot.

pancake Queen said...

Me too! I miss Baby K's smiles!!!

Remind Papa & Mama to put a hat on Baby K while outdoor, the sun is too strong.