Thursday, March 27, 2008

Drinks For Thought

I personally found some of the World Leaders' quotes are kind of
contradicting their everyday image.

Even though Prince Charles has the initials of P.C., it's difficult to imagine the Prince of Wales who is more well known for his love on greens also has some moments of thoughts on theology and technology: "... especially as we now face a world, in my part of it at any rate, which is increasingly without meaning, without roots, without a spiritual dimension and which worships the God of Technology."

"... You may not agree with everything that I did, but I did what I thought was right for the nation. Whether I was a good or a bad PM is, of course, not for me to say." Guess who said the above lines, Mr Lee Kuan Yew or Dr Mahathir?


woofhams said...

Dr Mahathir?

pancake Queen said...

Yep! Wow you are so smart! Dr Mahathir said it in his new book which records some of his letter correspondences with world leaders during his time as PM.

woofhams said...

I deduced it from the sentence...will share with you why? :P hehe.

Hint hint: confidence :)

pancake Queen said...

Great Minds Think Alike ;p

pancake Queen said...

Yesterday, I was thinking of explaining why it was Dr M, instead of Mr Lee.

I erased the sentence after I typed, because I knew full well that - you knew the answer from deducing the two's respective characters.

Isn't it really "Great Minds Think Alike" & "Twin Sisters' Instinct" ;p