Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Baby Expressions

Baby K is such a handsome-cute little boy, and he is full of facial expressions. When he looks at me, he always has that "I'm Happy" expression. He can turn on his own now. He can differentiate day and night. And the most interesting part is, he will listen attentively whenever I teach him a new word or explain some new concepts to him.

Yesterday, my mother bought him a new nursery rhymes cassette (there is a long story behind this cassette. In the nut shell, it was sold at half the price to my mother, and it has all our favourite nursery rhymes. The minus point is, it's not cd and difficult to rewind to Baby K's exact favourite rhymes). We discovered something very interesting yesterday. Baby K loves British accent nursery rhymes! Whenever the British accent little boys and girls talk or rhyme, he will give that (1) "I'm Thinking", (2) "That's Interesting" & (3) "I'm Happy" expressions.

Guess what I discovered this morning before work. My SIL loves watching Jamie Oliver cooking on Asian Food Channel!


soleil said...

Aw, baby K sounds so cute :)

pancake Queen said...

Yep! He is his daddy's alarm clock now, waking him up for work at 7.30am everyday haha!!