Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lovely Baby K

A for Apple
B for Bee
C for Broom Brooom Brooom Car
D for Dog

Baby K loves it when I read these alphabets from Mothercare's "My First Alphabets Book" to him. He is now able to pronounce on "a" slightly. When I say "a", he would respond by saying "ae-ae-ae-aaa".

Baby K likes loud colour such as red and orange, and he loves the first page in the Alphabets Book where it displays many red apples!


dandelion dust said...

aw, he sounds so sweet. That's nice that you're already reading to him while he's still tiny

pancake Queen said...

Ha2! Initially I asked myself: when is the right time to start reading to Baby K? Do we look like we are pressurising him to study when we prepare him for reading too early in his life?

Then, one day I read from a book which says learning varies among children. Some love their parents and older siblings to read to him as soon as he notices moving objects and reacts actively to sound.

Baby K loves us reading to him. He can differentiate day and night time now. When he's not busy mumbling, or listening to our reading during the day, he enjoys listening to his nursery rhymes.

Anonymous said...

I really miss his smiles. His charming smiles.

Can't wait to see Baby K again!

He's a fast learner. No doubt at all. Remember he mumbled 'early' when I said he woke up early :)

pancake Queen said...

Yep!! I remembered that!

Baby K seems to understand my every word. Now, you must praise him "Baby K is a good boy", only then he will finish his milk. HaHa!