Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Carrie Bradshaw Syndrome

I found a few relatives and friends around me highly annoying and busybody. I hate to tell even white lies (ie. telling them I have a boyfriend) in order to avoid them. I prefer to tell them in a straightforward way but they seem to think I must be a lesbian if I told them I don't want to get married (yet) and I don't need a boyfriend/husband at the moment.

I enjoy the value-added benefits that come with my singledom. The only 2 value-added costs are (1) people around me seem to think I am lonely. Perhaps I should seriously revise my behaviour, may be I do give them the impression that I am lonely (which I doubt!); and (2) they seem to think I am searching actively for a husband. Again, perhaps I have given them that impression too, ha2!

I have told many of my BB relatives and friends that I am not lonely because I am simply too busy. They told me I don't understand myself, and burying myself in work is escapism (geez, God please help these people to think soberly). I have told them umpteen times I am not looking for a boyfriend or a husband, they told me that's self-denial because simply no men like me, ha2! Their theory is that: a woman without a man to love = a withering flower/plant or whatever rubbish theory they told me.

This is why I have decided to come up with the white lie. At least, the imaginary boyfriend will keep them from asking for a while.

This morning, I was highly offended by a friend. She called and invited me over to her place for CNY Open House, and specially reminded to come after eight. She ended her invitation line with: You will be very pleased to know only at my place you can get to know so many bachelors.

"Sorry, meeting bachelors is not on my agenda of visiting friends during NY gatherings". I replied.

Nah, I won't go to her Open House Invitation. I have never and I will not ever be the "Theory of Second Choice" to anyone. (Note: you need to read previous postings to understand this argument better).

Sigh. Either I am too sober, or the world is getting too depressing to live in.

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