Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Live Life Well

Question: When I am not busy with work, what do I do to kill time?
Response: I play the Big Sister role to advise and nag at my siblings and younger cousins heheee ... Sometimes, I am also the marriage counsellor to my parents!

Topic: Speak Up
Few days ago, I was advising my young girl cousins that when they face problems, they must ask for help. Bottling up is not a solution. I also told them not to keep things from family, say what you want, "let it off your chest otherwise you will get stressed, unnecessarily burnt out before you could even think of a good antidote to your problems."

Topic: Be Bright & Bold
Be Bright & Bold is what I have been advising myself to do this year too. This morning at work, I was sharing with a colleague (a colleague whom my family used to think would be a good bf candidate, and a colleague whom once I was almost forced to accept as my bf. Thank God I didn't, I don't and I won't) some views on a work issue. He told me my decision few months ago has jeapardising one of his work projects. He cut my sentences many times when I tried to clarify. When he left me no room to defend/clarify/explain, I walked away.

Many of you might be thinking I have turned coward in this new year. No, in fact unlike him, I see my job as a sector of my life, not my entire life. Although he is not a bf material, but I see him as a good friend therefore I have offered my help. But he has taken my kindness as weakness, and he has taken my kindness for granted. I didn't want to kill a friendship because of work. Furthermore, I still don't think I have jeapardised his project. If I did, with his "cutting sentences" character, he would have confronted me many months ago. So, who is the coward and who is the hero in this story ;)

One day, he will grow up!

Topic: Make It Happen
I recalled in one of Maggie Cheung's Edinburgh Cinema China interviews, she said "I came here thinking I am doing this festival a big favour. In fact, I am the one who gains the most of all". She smiled and nodded her head at that point (will post that interview in my blog soon). I fully understood her point. Everyone has dreams. Some conjure up dreams and leave them in their head. Some know their dreams but don't bother to achieve them. Some work towards their dreams.

Topic: Don't Take Things For Granted
If some of you may recall, there was one posting which I talked about my parents always complaining they are incompatible to each other. When both of them went to fish market on separate route, they would come back more or less at the same time, with the same type of fish in the same quantity.

Some couples think they are not made for each other. I believe those couples have read too much Mills and Boons. There are no Mills and there are no Boons in this world. Being never married, I don't know what are the crucial components that will make couples compatible? But I believe if you think it's not easy to find the right pair of shoes, then it is 50,000 times harder to find the right spouse. So, don't give up before even you try. May be to begin with, you might want to communicate to find out the problems (see my first topic: Speak Up).

Life is short, Live Life Well!


woofhams said...

Good one :) Che. I like your entry.

pancake Queen said...

Thanks!!! Glad you like it ;)

Remember: Although Angel of Doubt told me: Many people don't like me; Angel of Faith advised me that this is me and my lifestyle. I won't let my environment or people around me to change who I am.