Monday, November 19, 2007

To Do List Part 1

Three cheers to Sasha Cagen! Her To-Do-List has just been released as a book. According to blogspot review, it is "PostSecret" meets "Getting Things Done". Both blog and book are collections of her to-do lists, mailed or emailed in by people.

I am thinking and wondering if I published my blognote of 21 months and named it after my blog - will there be anyone buying my book??

Pardon me of my slight tint of depressed tone in my previous line.

I've thought of a better plan to develop the philosophy of Pancakeism than the book. Thanks to Woofhams's creative idea! Yesterday Woofhams told me if I had a cafe one day, I could name it "Pancakeism (TM)". I'll post my revised plan when I am not too busy.

Hooray! 3 days to my sis-in-law's due date!

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dandelion dust said...

Hmm. I would like to see the "To Do List" book.. doesn't seem like it would be quite as interesting as "Post Secret" but I guess we'll see

How exciting that your SIL's due date is so close! Keep us updated!! :)

pancake Queen said...

He Hee ... we all love secrets, don't we?? ;-)

Yep, will keep all of you updated on baby K!!!