Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Are You A Road Bully?

There is a T-junction near my house. I have stayed in this area for 11 years, and never one time I have bumped into a road bully as rude as the one I saw this morning.

There were many cars coming from both sides of the junction. To be safe, I have decided to wait till the road was cleared before I made a right turn. Suddenly, I heard a very-very-very loud, long honking from a yellow car behind me. I took a look and knew the boy in the car behind was highly annoyed. When he noticed I was looking at him from my rear mirror, he threatened me with his "warning" face. He probably anticipated I would retaliate with provocative look on my face, but instead I was trying to take down his car license plate number.

That boy is barely the age of my students. I was upset the moment I thought of he is one of the 50% of our younger generation that our society, our economy and our country will depend on. If all his counterparts in his age group were behaving like him, what are the values ruling our new generation - is it "you win because you are more fierce" or "you look cool because you are a fighter"?????????

I always believe in sedikit sedikit lama lama jadi bukit (direct translation: we contribute our individual part and eventually when everyone does the same, we will see the amazing improvement). I know I sound nosey by advising the following, but we can't just pin on teachers in schools to teach our children everything. Let's start a little exercise and see if 1 year down the road, we see any difference in our surroundings:
1. respect women - just because they are born women doesn't mean by default it is their responsibility to clean, cook and know less than you;
2. respect other road users - you don't cherish your lives doesn't imply others have no rights to treasure theirs;
3. respect ourselves - we actually look very stupid when we drop our EQ on the floor.


Anonymous said...

Girls rawk! There isn't many things which girls can't do better than guys! ;)

pancake Queen said...


Share with you a joke. Yesterday I stumbled upon a blog which a UK Royal Mail postman said: "only men architect would design such a crazy, random mailbox listings! I wish women could take over the designing one day, they will be more rational"!

Could you imagine mailbox with random listing ie. 141 follows by 162, then back to 132 then 176. That's sooooo time-wasting!