Saturday, November 24, 2007

Listen To Mama

Whenever I think of baby K, I couldn't help wondering will his character take after his eldest auntie? I recalled when I was 15 and was at the most rebellious phase of my teen life, once I had a big argument with my mother because of boy-girl relationship issue. I said to her," Mama, you are too controlling. You are too strict. I have rights, you know, my friends said that's human rights. And I need space too." Then I slammed the door and went on hunger strike that day like a typical 15 yo.

I had a great laugh at myself a moment ago when I thought about those words I told my mother. She might have probably forgotten those angry words, but I always remember every word my mother told me the next day when I finally decided I was too hungry to be angry.

Mama said to me:
  • "Don't expect everything in this world will always go our way particularly now when your thinking is muddled with what-you-called Love;
  • One day when you are more sober, you will realise you will not survive with just bread and water;
  • Parents will always care for you and support you, but others outside this family have neither duty nor responsibility to take care of you;
  • Don't expect food on dining table and don't expect others to give you things without costs;
  • Never take for granted that those things you want will drop from sky for you either;
  • There is no miracle in this world;
  • Only you can create your own miracle for yourself."

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