Friday, November 30, 2007

Baby K Has Arrived!

Bearer Of Good News!

Pancake family is thrilled to announce the joyful arrival of Baby K. Weight: 4.11kg & Height: 52.5cm.

My SIL was in labour for 12 hours before her doctor advised her on CS. It was exactly 11pm two evenings ago when the doctor explained to my brother that the CS process would take an average of 45 minutes. 30 minutes past 11pm, I heard baby crying noise from where they named the "Recovery Room". Another doctor came out of the room and told my mother: "Congratulations! It's a boy!!!".

All of us waited impatiently for another 5 minutes before Baby K showed up. The very first moment when I spotted Baby K about 10 feet away from me, I saw him air kick-boxing wih his hands and feet. I couldn't believe it. I haven't seen a newborn as active as my nephew. He kicked hard and pushed the hooded towel away. He dislikes restrictions, he doesn't like to conform to the norm. HaHa ... exactly the spirit of Pancake family. What a Sagittarian Baby K is!!!

I called Woofhams immediately after that, and I couldn't control my happy tears into the phone: "Guess what, our new nephew looks like you!!!".

I have long lost faith in miracles, but Baby K has changed my perceptions on many aspects of life notably on marriage and motherhood. Looking at his smiling face, I found the courage to try motherhood. Seeing him busy kicking his hands and feet, I found life is beautiful. Feeling the happy atmosphere around me and seeing my brother holding my SIL's hands and saying Thank You many times in a day, I come to realise responsibility is a gift not a task. I dare to step out of my own comfort zone now, and learn not to be repulsive to the thought of falling in love again albeit the probability for me to fall out of love is high. I enjoy listening to my mother telling her friends repeatedly, "Hey, I am a grandma now, Yeah, Baby K is handsome, takes after his grandpa's tanned complexion, my big bones, his father's high nose bridge, his mother's height, his eldest auntie's broad forehead, his godmother-second aunt's eyes and lips, and I do think he has my strong character too!". Mama doesn't complain even if she only manages 4 hours sleep per night since the day Baby K was born. I honestly haven't seen my father's not-frowning face for years since his retirement. Indeed this world is a beautiful place to live.


dandelion dust said...

Aw, welcome Baby K! And lots of congratulations to your whole family!! How very exciting! I'm so happy for you all!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, baby K is truly a joy to our family.

I can't wait to see him utter his first word, hold his daddy's hands, play golf with grandpa, count grandma's jogging laps......and many more :)

I can't thank God enough for bringing baby K to us.

Senor Pablo said...

Congratulations.. U r officially an AUNTY now... hahaaa. I still recall the same feelings when my children were born..I did witness deliveries of four of my children.. Wonderful experience and full of joy!!!

pancake Queen said...

Woofhams, please meet my new friend Dandelion Dust! Dandelion Dust, please meet my baby sister (even at this age, I always still refer my younger sister as my baby sister hehe ...) Woofhams!

Yep! I agreed with Woofhams. Baby K is indeed the "precious" of our family. Whenever I think of him, I become less stressed, more focused and he also helps with my anger-management hehe ...

Thanks!! Baby K is going home today. Hooray!!!

pancake Queen said...

Senor Pablo: Thanks!! I wasn't in the delivery room, but I could hear Baby K's first cry despite we were divided by so many walls. Guess this is what books say: "Because you are a family!!!".

I couldn't control my happy tears when I saw Baby K for the first time, I cried into my handphone when I talked to Woofhams. Think of it, thanks God there wasn't videocamera rolling to tape my silly expressions!! HaHa ... I am officially an Aunty now, new feeling but feeling wonderful!!!