Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What's Next?

I finished reading the 7th book of Harry Potter three weeks ago. I am disappointed with the ending.

(1) Voldermort should not die. Harry Potter, together with the Order of the Phoenix, should give him a memory-loss charm and turn him into a muggle and guide him to be a good person. Death is not the answer to end sorrow or sufferings.

(2) The 7th book has made Professor Dumbledore reads more like a coward than wizard.

(3) It is obviouis that Severus Snape is the good one. As compared, it seems Lily Potter has made wrong choice to marry James Potter who contributed nothing to save his son or to the wizarding world.

(4) All his siblings fought so hard to protect the Boy who should live, Charlie Weasley seemed to be always Missing In Action. Bill scarred his face, George lost one of his ears and Fred died.

(5) Lupin and Tonk got married, had a child Teddy Lupin and they died in the battle against Voldermort. The last few pages in the 7th book didn't narrate well on the parenting skills of Harry Potter. Having lost his parents himself at young age and as the Godfather to Teddy Lupin, I believe Harry Potter should not leave Teddy Lupin to live on his own. All the focus of Harry Potter seemed to be on Albus Severus Potter, his second son.

The ending is too mediocre. May be I have set too high expectations for the 7th book.

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