Monday, August 27, 2007

Life Is A Journey Of Discovery

Last couple of days were stressful at home. My brother was not very happy with his friends, my sister was not very happy with her run, and I was not very happy with a colleague. When I couldn't bottle my frustuations anymore, I confided in my mother and she has offered the best magical antedote that I would like to share with all.

I wasn't happy with my colleague because she took my kindness and humbleness for granted. My mother told me it is hard to keep with others' expectations - either you listen to them and lose yourself, or you listen to yourself and listen to them only when relevant. I found this tip very helpful. I feel my shoulders lighter today when I have decided that it's okay to adopt different views. I have conveyed my part of job and I will move on. I know this route of discover myself is not a smooth-sailing trip, but I know I am learning at every stage and I believe my life ahead would be more interesting when I fight for what I really deserve.

Although I don't like this poster, I found the following quote very meaningful.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Che. I'm fine. It was just the stress of frustrations about the race.

pancake Queen said...

Listen to what's relevant. Ignore the mediocre, and Believe In Yourself.