Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Quick, Take A Look!

When I was buying drinks from vending machine in the Main Observatory floor of the Tokyo Tower, I saw a toddler and her brother were walking on transparent panel while their mother was trying to stop them. I didn't know what was happening - why the kids were so happy walking to and fro while their mother was so afraid even to hold them back. As I walked closer to them, then I found out the kids were walking on the "Lookdown Window" which allows visitors to look down at the ground from a height of 145m, wow what a view! Cars parking at the parking lots and on the roads look like toy cars. As age progress, I am getting less adventurous with height. I used to look down from the observatory floor of Paris's Eiffel Tower and didn't feel a beat missing from my heart. This might sound sour grape - it is totally inappropriate to let children, who don't have ability to fend for themselves, taking that risky walk "in the sky".

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