Saturday, May 12, 2007

Finding Neverland

Probably my environment has changed me. Used to be I wanted to be one of the boys to prove that I am as intelligent as them. In the process, I saw too many "ugly" men, men who back-stabbed you, men who manipulated your kindness, men whom you might need to protect in return. It's true that once you've past 28 and unmarried, you will get too complacent with your single life and having a life partner has become more of an option than compulsory.

Recently, I have come to notice married or attached women are very protective of their husband, fiance or boyfriend in my presence. May be I am increasingly more attractive (a-hem .. hehe ...) or they are overgeneralising on single women. To all my friends out there, if I am talking to your husband, fiance or boyfriend, it's mostly because I just dislike your man thinking that we women can't hold a candle to them. Our conversations mostly centre around the fact that I am re-educating them to respect women. Also, if I am talking to a single man, it doesn't mean every time that I am interested in him, and please don't immediate ringing me up to ask my impression on him. Most pathetic of all, please don't introduce me to your uncle, oldest brother or friend who is only 5 years junior than my mother's age. Also, if I am chatting with a younger man (or a younger man chatting to me), it doesn't imply I am desperate. Friends should have no age barrier, have we forgotten that fact? Please accept the fact that I have chosen my path because of my choice, not because of the circumstances I am in.

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