Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Pursuit Of Happiness

I hate to attend class reuninion parties and weddings because people will always look at me with sympathy eyes and ask the most boring question on earth: "Why aren't you married?".

They see me as a loser because I am not conforming to the marriage scoresheet. I don't belong to their club.
Well, everyone's relationship experience is different. In my situation, I prefer to be Juliane Potter in My Best Friend's Wedding than Mary Fiore in The Wedding Planner. Does this preference make me a loser? Not necessarily. If I took the initiative and had to break up "michael" and "kimmy" about to walk down the aisle in order to gain my mediocrity happiness, then I would be a real loser.

So, for happiness's sake, please don't misjudge me using the conformity ruler. I will settle down one day when I really found The One. No pressure. No rush. With plans.

To end today's post, I cut and pasted my favourite quote from My Best Friend's Wedding:
Choose me. Marry me. Let me make you happy. Oh, that sounds like three favours, doesn't it?


mit cheese said...

Poor thing... you are always surrounded by people who know nothing more than 1+1=2. Send them to mathematics class to learn about infinity.

Anonymous said...

Why The First Wives' Club was formed?

At 18, they called their unattached girlfriends losers because they were married and be driven in car by their husbands.

At 28, they called and checked on their husbands. At reunion, they blinked their stones.

At 38, they called everywhere to search for their husbands and children. They 'advised' their single girlfriends to be married.

At 48, they needed to talk and The First Wives' Club was formed. They started to suspect their husbands' secretaries as mistress. They pitied their single gilrfriends.

At 58, their single gilrfriends went round the world. They roamed around the neighbourhood waiting to catch their husbands red-handed.

Conforming for the sake of it leads to the pursuit of unhappiness.

pancake Queen said...

Wow Woofhams! You really should post this comment in your blog re Pursuit Of Unhappiness. Well said with two thumbs up!!

pancake Queen said...

HaHa Mit Cheese! I meant to send you a Thank You card to express my gratitude for your support. Sorry, my absence of words does not imply I am not a good friend. I have a busy schedule lately. Your puppies card and the drawing on "glasses" have helped to lift up my mood tremendously during the "moody" period. Many Thanks!!

Actually, both my sister and you are right. I have too many toxic friends around me.

pancake Queen said...

On the positive note, may be at my age, I still fetch a good "market value".

But, whatever the fact is, I've told all my friends: please don't invite me to meet any insecure guys. I don't have time to play guessing games and waiting by the phone like teenagers.