Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My 3-Fish

Part I

I hardly buy accessories besides loop earrings. Necklaces always catch my hair and bracelets make me too girly, so I only like earrings and rings. Few weeks ago, I spotted a 3-Fish ring designed by Frank Owen Gehry for Tiffany & Co. and it was really "Love @ First Sight". I love the 3-Fish design for many reasons: (1) I always love fish - to me it's a symbol of life, live and forward-looking; (2) the 3-fish bind together reminds me of the strength with unity; (3) I can always spot Frank's design even at one glance - simple but hip and (4) I always have strong preference towards chunky rings. So, this 3-Fish is going to be the only accessory item I am going to buy for myself this year to reward my hardwork and to motivate me to work smarter ;-)))

Part II

Besides loop earrings, I only wear accessories bought by my family. I love the wristwatch my parent bought me last birthday. I love the bangle my mom bought me when I was overly-indulged in "crystalogy" last year (my mom is good in hidden messages behind her gifts. She basically wanted to tell me it was irrational to place too much belief in crystal healing power ;-p). I love the hip-chunky ring my Sis Woofhams bought me when she and my brother-in-law were in Sydney last winter. I love the colourful chunky ring my brother bought me during his overseas working trip two years ago. I wear the two rings on alternate weeks to stay as a non-discriminating big sister. These gifts are symbol of their unconditional love and also a reminder of my responsibility as daughter and sister. Wearing them made me feel complete and confident ;-)))


Anonymous said...

Very unique looking ring. It's arty and yet elegant. Good buy.

pancake Queen said...

Yep ;-) I like it very much since the first time I saw it in Her World magazine!