Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Grey Matters?

Coming from "numbers" background, I always use numbers to advise my unmarried female friends to marry younger man. Why? Say for instance, if my friend and her husband were of same age, they get married when they are 35, have their first child when they are 36, they will be 56 when their first child enters university gate. If mandatory retirement age stayed at 55, both of them would be retired by that time, and children's education would eat into their pension fund. Therefore, for children's welfare sake, please marry a younger man instead, at least 5 years their junior. To my married female friends, please don't be alarmed by what I have just said. There is another reason why I have proposed them to marry younger man than man of their age or older: by doing so, they have bigger market to avoid the "selection bias" ;-P

Demi Moore is 15 years senior than Ashton Kutcher (still married). Susan Sarandon has been with Tim Robbins since 1988 (still together).
Of course, we also have failed examples such as Cameron and Justin, Faye and Nicholas. Cameron Diaz is at least 7 years older than Justin Timberlake (recently broke up). Previously, Faye Wong was 12 years older than Nicholas Tsen (broke up in a bad way). Was age an impeding factor in the failure relationship of Cameron's and Faye's, or were there other obstacles?

My uncle Kee married 7 years ago with a Thai woman (she was 23 years old then) at least 12 years younger than himself. Recently they had argument and his wife left home leaving him to take care of my young cousin Phuntirra. Many relatives put the blame on their age differences without taking into consideration their differences in appreciating each other's culture and language for example. Mr Scorpio is 1 year younger than me, and I initiated the breakup due to other reasons and I don't believe those reasons are age related. I know I am creating more cobweb than solving the maze by elaborating on this age issue. But, one advice: if mandatory retirement age were to delay by 5 years, then you could consider increase the age of your prospective husband by 2 years (for example, 35 + 2 = 37 years old), and vice versa :-)


Anonymous said...

Interesting entry and good sum ;)

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher outlive my expectation. They are still together. Demi Moore looks more in love now than she was Mrs Willis.

pancake Queen said...

May be it's the compromising factor? Ashton would accept to be tagged Mr Demi Moore, but Bruce Willis refused. Wow I sound like an entertainment industry critic hehe ;-))

blog browser said...

You're referring to the employed. For the entrepreneurs, I suppose you don't need to think hard about what the appropriate age difference is. Any age will do.

pancake Queen said...

Well, partially you are correct. However, I am referring more to the word "working". You tend to adopt a more relaxed work attitude once you see your 55+ peers have retired even if you were self-employed. It could be a combination of so-called peer pressure or it could be simply less drive and energy when compared to your younger self. I could be wrong. Everyone's body and mind is built differently. My post was meant to be a reminder to women in mid and late 30s that don't just focus on men of their age, there is another possible pool of Mr Right and it's unfair to neglect them just because they are younger. And my argument on safety net (re: younger husband would retire after the wife) meant to be a bonus factor.