Friday, June 30, 2006

A Letter For Superman

Dear Superman,

Since I knew you are a reporter, I believe you won't be plagued by my few questions.

(1) Has it ever crossed your mind that Lois & a few of your colleagues are rather thick - I mean they couldn't recognise you as Superman when you exactly look like Superman minus the geeky glasses?

(2) Spiderman's uncle told him "with Great Power comes Great Responsibility". Is this the same concern for you and that's why you'd rather let Lois Lane, the woman who has reciprocal love for you, to be with Richard?

(3) In order not to waste the mileage, have you ever thought about to get an airline company to issue you a frequent flyer card?

(4) How do you determine the urgency of people you need to save? I mean, you can't be in 5 places simultaneously, and how do you choose who to save first?

(5) Do you get upset when you can't save some of the victims who are crying out for your help? Does the man of steel has a good matrix to share with re: overcome your guilt?

(6) What made you decide to wear your Superman's underwear on the outside? Just in case if you haven't followed any of the Hollywood fashion reviews, this has been the fashion faux pas for two decades.

(7) Have you ever thought about your retirement age? I mean, it is dangerous to fly at the age of 80.

(8) Have you seriously thought about your succession plan? Who'll be your best choice - Spiderman, Batman & Robin, The Incredibles or the Fantastic Four?

Thanks in advance for answering.

Faithfully your fan,
pancake Queen


Anonymous said...

Haha! This is a good one.

I guess this should be the reason why Superman should remain as a comic.

The silly underwear simply has no explaination. Who on earth would wear underwear outside?.

Gone the days, heroes would hand their woman of their love to another man.

With advancement of tehcnology, Superman surely can save the world before the last 5 minutes.

We're so bad! :)

pancake Queen said...

Remember the old joke about doctors - they can treat their patients but they can't treat their own illness.

Does this apply to Superman too? I mean, strange that he could save the world, but he can't even solve his own relationship problem.

Remember the part which Clark said to Lois: may be Superman can't bring himself to say Goodbye to the women he loves. Geez, that's so bullshit (pardon my lingo!). A real man is a man who is able to tell truth to the woman he loves.

Anonymous said...

Superman simply cannot convince rationale mind and people with good thinking process.

You know, this world is so unfair at times. If Superman 'alters' events ie. prevent any harm to the universal much earlier. Then, he wouldn't be so popular. We, human beings only notice things when we are at the critical moments or when we are forced to.

A photographer would never be known until the day they found his body and camera in the buried soil.

The biggest coward is those who don't even have the guts to own up their feelings. Save the world, is it too big a project?!