Friday, April 30, 2010

I Love Red

I woke up this morning thinking
about 10 years ago today
What did I do
And what was I doing at that time

I am definitely older now
I was definitely cuter then
10 years ago, I fell for a guy who didn't (and, still doesn't) belong to my world
10 years later, I realized that and strange that I don't have a place for him in my heart anymore

I used to have this cute, sporty short hair
I am having longer hair now
I loved flip-flops then and I owned more than 50 pairs
I feel in control when I am in my 3 inches heels now

People asked, how do I manage to walk miles after miles with my speed in my heels
Well, practices make perfect and prepare for blisters that are a trade-off

If I have married Mr Scorpio then
I would be Mrs Scorpio now with two children
Now I am looking at 'Baby Alive' and thinking I have past baby-bearing age
Don't get me wrong
I am not upset, just rambling

I used to like pink
I love red now which many know
Red is seen everywhere with me
It is my signature colour

Happy or unhappy is just a state of mind
When I am 65, I want to look back and find that most of my days are filled with Happiness.

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