Monday, November 09, 2009

Where Do We Go From Here?

Do you happen to notice these days parents are giving their children a longer name? Is this the trend? 

When I was in secondary school, most classmates were either Maria, Nancy or Steven or John. Even Stephen were considered as too difficult and unconventional! 

These days, I've friends who name their children interestingly long names such as the classic: Annabelle-Sophie-Anderson-Lim-Su Ann. The chic: Shiloh-Jolie May Szer Tan. The lazy pretends to be creative: Tahiti, Courage, or Rain. The list can go on and on and on. I've also heard of a friend who couldn't find a suitable name, so he added his granny's first name to his wife's first name and then add his mother's middle name to give his daughter name. Thank God multiplication was not incorporated!

I love to give names since young. In fact, my sister and I chose our nephew's name. Baby K's name is easy to write, and easier to remember. 

I thank my parents for giving me and my younger siblings a simple name. Mine is an elegant swallow (bird). I love to spread my wings and to protect all those whom I love, and I can't breathe without freedom. Important is, I love my name sweet, simple and meaningful. 

The next time you want to name your child, think of how s/he will feel when someone calls her/his name, instead of giving a name purely out of your curiosity. Certainly a child with all the 26 alphabets in her/his name is going to catch plenty of unnecessary attention in class. 

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