Friday, November 20, 2009

Pancakeism Avenue

If you recalled my earlier postings, you would notice I have written on similar post previously. Since completion of my first degree, I have always wanted to write Children's books such as "The Legend Spookley, the Square Pumpkin" - educational and edutainment for children. Away from the two boxes, television and computer.

I thought of reading to children in bookshops and libraries, donating books to children in disadvantaged families, helping them to develop their creativity and communication skills besides improving the language itself.

Then you will question, why haven't I come up with my children's books. In fact, my academic book came first.

Not the procrastination. I have lost count. I must have written more than thousands of opening lines, but never quite managed to finish the first chapter before I chucked the whole theme away. Even though writing may not be difficult for me, illustration is a challenging task. In my views, no children's book is complete without proper illustration.

Perhaps, in my revised resolution list, I should consider picking up my creative pen again!

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