Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good Food

An edible model of London's skyline has been recreated using fruits and vegetables.

The project, which was commissioned by the Good Food Channel and photographed by Carl Warner, features 26 different types of produce.

The Houses Of Parliament have been made from asparagus, beans and baby sweetcorn; while Big Ben's face was modelled with slices of lemon. The London Eye had green beans as spokes and its pods carefully crafted out of baby plum tomatoes, and the Gherkin building was made from two types of melon and embedded with green beans.

St Paul's Cathedral was made from roundels of carrot, yellow and green courgette and baby leeks, and the dome was made out of a melon and baby sweetcorn. The Tower Bridge was crafted from pineapple, celery and shredded wheat.

Good Food Channel head Roopa Gulati said: "This is a stunning image which has quite literally transformed the London skyline through good food, proving that fun with food in a creative and light-hearted way is the way forward."

Warner and five model makers took three weeks to craft, construct and compile the skyline while struggling to keep the food fresh and looking its best. - Courtesy of


weetzdom tooth said...

so nice. so... green. :)

Pancake Queen said...

Yep, I thought so too especially the London Eye!