Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Either I Am In Bad Mood Or She Is Ungrateful!

I haven't experienced such bad mood in many years. Either I have a high EQ (many friends seem to think I have an exceptionally high EQ, I can rationalize myself to smile at the person whom I knew just back-stabbed me). Is it bad to have such high EQ?

Yes. I have been thinking about this question for many years. I recalled 11 months ago I reflected on this question again. Due to my high EQ, a friend took advantage of my kindness and friendliness. She got the credit she was after. I had to start everything from scratch. Stupid, but don't worry, I have learnt - the stupid way.

In the past 10-11 months, I have come to notice if I didn't stress on my assertiveness, my friendliness will be taken on a wrong free ride and people simply either don't take me too seriously or simply feel I am one of those that can easily be bullied. And no retaliation.

I believe I will have an aura of pink ring above my head and I will go to heaven.

For people who appreciate my good qualities, I am an angel. But this is a minority group - at least in my views today.

For mediocre people who don't appreciate good qualities, I am a fool. This can be a majority group - at least in my views today.

For those who just come to know me, I am not stupid nor do I having such even temper. I just choose not to reveal too much of my so -called negative traits. Life's short, Stay positive. I have heard of such advice many, many, many times. But why when it comes to them, they don't practise and apply such good virtue. And, why are people expecting me to stay positive all the time, 24/7 for 365 days for so many years!

These two days, I have been running up and down like a headless chicken to help a new lady in town. She called me 5 minutes ago: You suppose to do this!

NO greetings; NO Thank you.

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