Sunday, November 22, 2009

Confessions Of An Almost-Shopaholic

Warning: This posting may sound girly like how you watch a chick flick. Another side of Pancakeism! Hahaha ...

I haven't really shopped for a while, to the extent I almost forgot the joy to see so many different shades of lip balms available , and so many different functions of BB cream from different brands, etc.

I am not so much of a shopaholic these days to begin with. Somedays when I get really busy, it will just be sun block, eye liner and perfumes, voila. 

Yesterday I bought herbal cleansing wipes and dual lip care from The Face shop. I used to be a big fan of facial cleansing wipes, but for yesterday I was just attracted by it's light sweet scent. The dual lip care is good: exfoliator and tinted lip balm. As I don't wear lipstick these days, tinted lip balm is essential to maintain moisture on my lips and add colour to my face. 

I also bought a charity hand cream (light texture, highly recommended and limited edition), and flawless skin-perfecting foundation (this is a perfect medium coverage for lazy women like myself who wants only sun protection and concealer) from The Body Shop. If you feel good, you will look good. 

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