Monday, October 26, 2009

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Food for Thought:

Next time before you chuck your food, remember that: 1 out of 6 people in this world will wake up not sure whether they can even fill a cup of food.

If we can't help to solve world hunger problem, then at least we shouldn't increase the problem. Don't Waste Food.


weetzdom tooth said...

so mika! your blog :)

very VERY similar. I also have this 'do not blog negativity' mantra for my blog. ok, only recently exhaustion seeps in.. but generally, i choose to blog happy things. And food. And travel. And design. And Apple!

Er.. but i dun do crocs! HAHAAA

So, how did you chance upon me!! :)

Pancake Queen said...

That's what I thought so too when I read your blog two days ago. Haha ... call it coincidence!

It was at random surf that I saw your blog. Usually I blog-surf too (but in a tv remote switching manner). Then, you must be thinking what made me read further. Guess your blog on SJ's song, My Sister's Keeper and of course (500) days of summer caught my attention - too similar :)

Senor Pablo said...

Hello friend! How's life? I like this post. A good one.
BTW, have you seen the Cloudy with a chance of meatballs movie?

Pancake Queen said...

Hi SP!! Life's ok, with a little ups and downs, but guess that's makes life less dull. Many have noticed that I've become more positive in my attitude and more mature in my rambling and whining, hahaha ...

Glad that you like this post. I wrote it immediately after I came home from a restaurant. Too much wasting. Those young ladies just ate like 1/12 portions of the food they ordered and then pushed the unfinished food away. Geez that's not the attitude. I am thinking, just order an entree if they can't finish. They should know by now simple things such as how much they can eat. They are 20s, not 22 months old.

I am getting more and more annoyed reflecting on what I have seen. I am sure you have experienced this before. In India, there are kids as young as 3 yo that begged for food, and even ate those leftovers from the floor.

Anyway, I can go on and on forever on this topic, and SP may start thinking - she is a lunatic! ;-D

I haven't seen the meatballs movie yet, just caught some glimpses on interesting parts from Youtube.

How's life? You don't seem too happy yesterday from your post.