Friday, July 24, 2009

The Plant Talk Part 2

Can you recall what exactly you did a year ago, or at least 364 days ago? I was thinking of buying a new camera last week because the quality of photos taken can be simply described in one word. Lousy. A young friend highlighted that it could be the camera setting that I might have overlooked. And she was right. The analogy is almost like complaining to a computer vendor that your new desktop doesn't work while actually it's as simple as you've forgotten to turn on the switch :-/ I adjusted the setting this morning, and took some photos. See how pretty they turned out :-)

Now, back to the topic on plants. Actually 364 days ago ie. my posting on 25th July 2008, I took some photos of my parents' garden. Look how fast plants can grow and add to the beauty of a house. 

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