Friday, July 17, 2009


(Cautious Note: Sorry, this post contains subtle negative tone). 

I was hunting high and low for a slim laptop bag last week. Finally, I bought a second-best in a friend's computer shop, but still not very happy with it to date - the (1) design and (2) colour aren't the ones I want. Anyway, I will still use it for the time being than risking my laptop from further scratch. Like many others, I am addicted to my laptop, I have to admit this. 

Actually the experience of buying that laptop bag is more annoying than buying a second-best. YL is a friend that I've known for more than 10 years, and she is one of those who can put up with my many-questions. How many colours does it come in? Is it durable? Are you sure this is considered cheap? Don't try to cheat me ok, we have known for such long. 

Take you back to last week. In the middle of our usual chat, a 20ish pot-bellied guy (sorry my pun) looked at YL (thinking I was giving YL a difficult time) and interrupted our chat. He said to me, "Oh such a good bag. I can use it to keep my documents. I want to buy 5." I started to get very annoyed with the interruption, and I gave him that "Do Not Mess With Me" look. Probably he's too young, or too keen to help YL (I could see he is keen to impress YL, using me as a plot of course), he continued to elevate the annoyance. 

"This is such a cheap bag. Only B$49", he said, looked at YL and then looked at me. Seeing that I didn't show any response, he carried on, "You will regret if you don't get one." Then, he went on to say, "I like the bag in beige."

"Can you be more gentleman and show more respect to YL next time, and don't interrupt others' discussion", I said it loud to him and picked up the other bag in red. Paid and left. 

All my friends knew that I dislike the actor Bradley Cooper. It's a long story. Anyway, in my head now, Bradley Cooper has a friend, hahaha. 

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