Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When Did Singledom Become A Sorry?

The loan policy required me to buy a mortgage insurance. Two days ago, I dropped by our local insurance company to fill out the proposal form. While filling out the beneficiary section, the very nice lady (I'm highly impressed with her good mannerism and patience) advised me:

Nice Lady: Ma'am, you can put your children's name even if they are currently under 18.
Pancake: Is that so?
Nice Lady: Yes, but they have to wait till they are 18 to receive the sum of money.
Pancake: Ok, that's good source of info for me but I will still put my two siblings as my beneficiary.
Nice Lady: Oh, how about your husband and your children?
Pancake: I'm not married.
Nice Lady: Oh! I'm so sorry.
Pancake: No, it's ok. My not-married is not your fault. You don't have to apologise (said in a big-sisterly tone to soothe her worries).

When I walked out of the insurance company, I reflected on the entire conversation and I thought to myself: May be the sorry is she felt sorry for me?

Anyway, no matter in what way the sorry is. I'm happy currently in the state I am in :-)


Jesska said...

Thank you for the comment! The seedlings survived the weekend, just to let you know. :) They are doing great, but need some more sun, it has been too cloudy for a week here.

Society is an interesting beast. When you don't fit into its mold, it is assumed that something must have been "wrong" to make it that way.

I look forward to reading more of your blog!

Pancake Queen said...

Thanks Jess for visiting my blog ;-) I've been busy and haven't been updating it much lately. I believe after 16th, I will have more time to myself and my blog.

It's good to know that the seedlings did well over the weekend. They are strong! On the contradict, the weather has been nice and warm here. I love sunshine :-)

Do visit my blog whenever you are free, and exchange thoughts!