Saturday, April 11, 2009


I bought an Osim uZap about 3 years ago, but I hardly used it apart from the first week after purchase. Unsure what was the pulling factor, I dug the uZap out from some corners in my room last Friday. Strange that after belted on uZap for 5 minutes - something that I didn't quite notice previously - I found it actually effective in relieving medium cases of backache. It works better than massage - may be because I am not a massage person to begin with. 

Although a few friends have claimed that they lost 2-3 inches on their thighs, and 1-2 inches on their waist after 8 weeks of use. I don't seriously believe that it will have the same impact on me because I am a stronger believer in diet and exercise in losing weight. Look! My weight gain is largely due to indiscipline diet and lack of exercise. Anyway, let's see if any positive results will show by 11 June 2009 :-)

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