Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wake Up Call

A friend commented recently that I have been given a number of good opportunities in the last few years, be it work or relationships. But, the comment didn't end there. After the first full stop, the subsequent sentence said: "However, you've never learn to cultivate on them".

"However, you've never learn to cultivate on them.
You let it grow by itself.
Like a plant, when you don't give sufficient care, effort, time;
Eventually it will wither and go."

I'm neither old nor young at this stage. I work hard and I work smart. The results are good. I don't normally take in every word friends said to me, but this particular remark does make some senses. The results are good, but they can be even better. Opportunities don't knock twice. I must capitalise on them, and be more assertive and proactive from now on.

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