Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hair Keep City

Baby K dislikes hair cut at this stage and his memory is super good. He remembers all the roads he has been to, and he recognized the road leading to the salon even when we were 1 km away from it. He cried when we just cut the engine, and he gestured me to drive away from the salon. My heart broke when I saw him cried, so I drove away. The feeling was like someone telling you the right way to do, and you insisted of doing it your way and got it all wrong - like a cake throwing at your face!  

Mama has also taken him to another salon which children would sit in toy cars to distract their attention while getting their hair cut. This trick may work on some kids, but it doesn't work on Baby K. He cried and threw up. So, I have advised my mother not to take him for any more hair cutting until he is ready. 

Children at this stage need a lot of trusts from parents and his family. Baby K will lose trust in us if we insist on the hair cut. I researched and read from a book recently that, children will turn rebellious and search their own ways to protect themselves if they decided in their little mind that their family can't offer the secure environment they want. 

Anyway, just like me, I believe Baby K will look good in any hairstyle, be it long or short :-)

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