Saturday, April 04, 2009


I had one of those strange dreams last night and the after-dreams-thought puzzled me a little this morning. First dream scene: I dreamt about Mr Scorpio broke up with his wife, and I have been reminded by everyone to stay away concerning of potential rebound. I can't imagine my brain can think in such structured manner even in my dreams. Anyway, he wasn't the centre of my dream. Second dream scene: A man around my age, looks like Mr Scorpio, but certainly not him, visited us. His talks, his words, his care and concern all sound too familiar. It is almost like I have seen this person before, but I knew I haven't. But, he has appeared a few times in my dreams previously, especially about a decade or more ago. Definitely, he is not someone I have met/seen in real life. He has said a few things to me (viz. advice) in my dream last night, I found them meaningful and helpful. However, I can't recall a word when I woke up this morning, not even his name he has told me. But, a phrase came up in my head: "No matter where you go, I will protect you". I definitely have heard of this phrase somewhere before. Strange.

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