Thursday, March 26, 2009

Too Much. Too Many.

I have too much to share and too many things that I want to say since I last blogged here. 
  • I have received a Meritorious Service Award last week :-D
  • I have cut my fringe, but decided to grow it out again because I still prefer it one length. Anyway, I have ventured and eventually found my best hairstyle :-)
  • I have frozen my gym membership, and will resume after a few urgent project deadlines are met. Well, I don't believe in the miracle of having the cake and eating it at the same time :-)
  • I have begun to seriously thinking of interior decor for my new house that will be built very soon :-))
  • I have finally realized having one that you really like, the feeling is way better than accepting the second best viz. my LV Palermo MM handbag!!
  • I am practising to reduce my share of self-d0ubt. For others to have faith in you, the crucial element is you must learn to not doubt yourself first :-)
  • I have gained too much excess weight (YES, I am aware of it!), and I vow to lose them from mid-April. I MUST.MUST.MUST. revert to my body weight in 2003!!!
  • I have picked up a new hobby viz. sketching with black marker and highlight pens. I will show a few of my amateur sketching when the busy tide is over :-)
  • I have mastered to speak slowly and clearer even when I am angry :->
  • I am speaking slower, but hope to think faster :-)


junebug said...

Congrats on the award!!

That's cool that you're getting a new house!! I'm jealous! :)

Good luck on your goals

Pancake Queen said...

Thanks Senior Junebug! Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately: too busy at work.

How's Junior Junebug doing?