Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Throwing A Jello At Myself, Part I

I had one of the most embarrassing (aka jello on my face) moments in my life yesterday. A friend whom I knew since we were 19, and we have a lot to chat whenever we meet albeit we don't meet very often, and ... I thought he has fallen for me few months ago. Actually, I really thought so until he introduced his girlfriend to me yesterday! I heard myself talking to myself, "errr, girlfriend?".  Anyway, from the way they talked and their gestures, I believe they have been together for a while. 

Well, as I said, it was like "throwing a jello at my face", but don't worry I am not upset at all because at this age, relationship is not compulsory. To certain extent, relationship may be a compulsory accessory that I can live without. It is not sour grape theory, my implication is that my current timetable doesn't have time for a boyfriend. However, in some circumstances one may need a partner/spouse to fit in certain situations e.g. 

Mr A: Bring your husband to the lunch, and I will introduce my family to you. 

Mrs B: My husband is currently outstation. Hey you've never mentioned where does your husband work?

Mr C: You are so workaholic. Doesn't your family or your husband mind?

Ms D: Are you married?

Mr A, Mrs B, Mr C and Ms D asked: Then, why aren't you married?

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