Saturday, January 03, 2009

Meeska Mooska Mouskatools

Oh Tootles, Meeska Mooska Mouskatools. 
Everybody says "Oh Tootles" 

Baby K loves Mickey Mouse, from his birthday cake to his feeding bottles are all with Mickey Mouse theme. His current favourite dance song is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse's Hot Dog song. 


my blog said...

How old is baby K now?

Cute new background on your page!

Pancake Queen said...

Baby K is 13 months old now. He is learning new vocabularies every day. Now, he knows where's his nose and ears. Every day is new learning for us. His first word is grandma haha ..

Thanks. Yes, I'm a bit tired of the old background, found this at "The Cutest Blog On the Block", and it was just cut & paste job. I like it!

I'm thinking to add signature to my postings :-)