Thursday, December 18, 2008

To Hold, To Give Or To Keep

If you recalled a few times in my past postings, I've talked about my interesting experiences at the Hair Salon I frequent. 

Recently, there was another interesting experience and this was from the boss herself. To boost her employees' productivity, in the past 10 months Ms KC has organised a number of talks for her employees - some on increasing productivity, a number on motivational talks, a few on managing their personal finance, and one or two on life philosophy. I agreed, and I believe it's good idea to bring all of her employees together. The sense of togetherness and teamwork can be fostered through these gatherings too. 

Around 12.45ish two afternoons ago, my hair was messy + greasy and definitely in need of a good hair wash before I can face the world proudly again (for your info: I found it difficult to wash and blow my long hair myself, it will take more than 45 minutes to wash and dry partially). 

After parking my car and rushed in to the salon, the shampoo girl (SG) told me: "Er, I can wash your hair but I don't think I can blow the curls you want". 
Pancakeism: Where is A? 
SG replied: She's attending meeting now. Boss called 30 minutes ago. 
Pancakeism: Oh! A normally texts me if there's a meeting or training.
SG: Hmm, she was told last minute too. In fact, three customers came before you and left because A won't be back until 5pm today.
Pancakeism: Ok, I will go to your other branches. Can you arrange an appointment? 
SG: In fact, all our Senior Hairstylists are attending that meeting until 5pm. 

I left the salon with my messy + greasy hair, and went to another salon instead without wasting my time further. 

On the way back to my office around 1.45ish, I was thinking: Why on earth organise a meeting/training at times when you know many customers may visit? Increase productivity or losing opportunity?? 

My hairstylist called me this morning, and I asked about the meeting/training. She told me: My boss talked about her aspirations and goals. She was the speaker herself this time. However, there were too many new terms that I heard for the first time and actually I don't quite understand many of the things she said. 

In life, we always want many things our way. In Economics, all students are taught in their first lesson: Limited Resources, Unlimited Wants. But, I believe, most important lesson of all: We must prioritise on what we actually/exactly want, when objectives are not clearly defined we will lose more than we earn. 


Senor Pablo said...

Happy Holidays! Great post! It is sad to see how businesses tend to blame there is not much market when they themselves missed the valuable opportunities that customers have provided. I think u make a great mananger as u can sense the priorities or the fact that customers are always KING!

Pancake Queen said...

Many Thanks SP, I should think seriously about setting up a new salon then and compete with Ms KC to give her some business pressures that she may not have felt the impact. YET. LOL.

In my view, some people's priorities are so blurred by their self-interest that they can't differentiate black from white anymore. It's a sad thing.

No matter how the world evolves, I'll make sure I'm forever the Pancake Queen who believes in "Don't let others' decision/s affect your aims and objectives in your own life".