Friday, December 12, 2008

It Has Been A While ..

Wow, for a second or two a while ago, I was worried that I might face difficulty in writing down my thoughts. Come to think of it, I haven't been updating this blog for nearly 2.5 months. There are two reasons. First, I was introduced to Facebook (F/B) in early October and have been busy with another circle of social networking. I must say it is one good way to de-stress because of the subsequent reason. Second, I was very unhappy in the past two months with a woman colleague who basically finds fault in everything I do - to name a few, many times I had to stay up until 3am in order to get all work done, she raised her voices at me in meetings, she asked me to print documents and sent to her house because she doesn't have internet connection at home she claimed, etc. etc. etc. OF COURSE, I refused to send because I am not an office assistant; and when I refused to send her the documents, she told others that I didn't contribute anything in office.

Anyway, life was stressful, but I have decided two weeks ago not to let myself drowned in the river of sorrow and depression. I know I am good and I work hard and smart, I won't let her negative and destructive criticisms to erode my confidence!! 

I believe if no one sees and no one knows how hard I work, at least I know my family believes in me. 


just a blog said...

I'm glad you're back! I'm sorry about the work situation. It sounds awful! I hope things are better now.

my blog said...

By the way, my new blog is at:

(I had to log out of "just a blog" and sign into "junebug" to get my new blog address.)

- Junebug (previously Soleil)

Pancake Queen said...

Hi Junebug! Yes, I'm back after many many weeks :-)

How's pregnancy? You should be around 6 months now?

Pancake Queen said...

Yes, I'll add the new blog rightaway! Thanks!