Friday, September 12, 2008

Like How I Dreamt Part 1

Last night I dreamt about I've gone back to university to pursue another degree. It was a very relaxing feeling to stroll past an on- campus apartment. In my dream, I stayed in a small unit where time schedule for my lectures was pinned on the kitchen pin-up board. My fridge door was full with fridge magnets, just like those days when I was in Brisbane. It was autumn, and everywhere was orange and calm. 

These days I constantly have a picture flashing on my mind: I live in a big city. On a rainy day afternoon, I sit near my big window sipping coffee looking at busy passers-by who try to rush home from work. At the background, Don McLean and Suzzane Vega music playing non-stop. 

Sometimes I feel I don't belong to the world where I am living now, but who doesn't think like that most of the time. 

Don't Give Up, You're Loved: Josh Groban

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