Sunday, September 21, 2008

How To impose Limits On Your Inner Shopper

Is impulse buying taking a toll on your budget? The Wall Street Journal discussed six ways to get a handle on your spending. 
  1. Identify your triggers: Many people use shopping as an emotional outlet;
  2. Be a cautious consumer: Even the savviest shoppers fall prey to marketing tactics;
  3. Avoid temptation: Consider a ban on unnecessary shopping trips;
  4. Take a time-out: If you stumble on a "must have" item, don't get caught up in the excitement;
  5. Remember long-term goals: Ask yourself if you'll get more satisfaction out of owning this item or paying down your debt; and
  6. Check your balance: Once you've viewed your bank balance, the purchase may appear far less enticing.
source: Marshall Loeb, The Wall street Journal, October 25 2007

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