Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Beauty Of Work

Many asked about the (small) scar on my nose. In fact, some thought it was dirt at first glance. Others took it as marks left by poorly skilled beautician who might have exerted too much pressure on my nose while extracting the blackheads. 

Well, all wrong answers. I was over-worked two weeks ago, and I carelessly hit the bridge of  my button nose with the flap of my MacBook, haha ..


soleil said...

I'm sorry! I hope it didn't hurt too bad! Kinda funny though. :/ It sounds like something I would do too.

Pancake Queen said...

Thanks, it's healing now. It bled when it first hit against the flap. I still laugh whenever I recall the funny incident. Haha .. no wonder my sister Woofhams said I'm like Bridget Jones, sometimes ;-p