Friday, August 15, 2008

One World One Dream

To me, Day 7 is where the highlights of Beijing Olympics is - the centre stage at any Olympic Games is always athletics and August 15 is the day these athletes enter Beijing's marvelous new arena - the National Stadium - commonly known as the Bird's Nest. 

Enclosed are some of the snippets in the past week.


Brian Barker said...

"One World - One Dream" is a great public relations slogan, but what does it mean?

I see that the Beijing Olympics has appointed an Esperanto translator, and that CRI now broadcast in Esperanto.

What does this mean?

Evidence can be seen at

Pancake Queen said...

I chose "One World One Dream" for my posting purely because I found it suitable to go along the Olympics spirit where all sports persons are after the same dream to push for gold and to push for their country to be the lead country in the medals department.

Whereas regarding Esperanto, I can't comment much because besides knowing Esperanto is a constructed language intended for use between people who speak different native languages, I knew very little of the rest.

Perhaps, China sees it as a "neutral" language, being the property of no particular group of people and therefore the equal property of everybody.

Why not you question them on the website you've suggested?