Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weekend Special

When we were younger, we loved Sundays. Of course, who doesn't love Sundays, except the thought that it would be Monday the next day. When you were kids, you lived in the moment, you didn't think much of the next minute or the next day. This is one good living skill that I am still working on to revive. 

I recalled when I was in primary school, my parents loved picnic outings. They took us to picnic at nearby beach on most Sundays unless there were family functions. My father packed many things in his white Mazda the evening before, and my mother cooked a big pot of curry which we later ate with big plates of fried rice or bread on the day of picnic. Music were non-stop where my aunties played songs on their cassette player such as The Bee Gees's "How can you mend a broken heart", Brian Hyland's "Sealed with a kiss", Everly Brother's "All I have to do is dream" etc. Back then, many of my aunties (my mother's siblings) were staying with us. My father taught us fishing, my mother chased the waves with us. Aunties taught us to collect seashells. Time passed so quickly that I didn't even bother I had calligraphy and maths homework that were waiting for me in my school bag. 

We took Baby K to Empire Hotel last Sunday. I initially thought every Sunday (between noon to 5 pm) would be Family Splash Day at Empire Hotel which I later learnt I was wrong. So, we just walked around with Baby K in his stroller. Baby K was excited with everything he saw, from grass to fountain and the parachute. I was excited with the kayaking. I tried canoeing twice when I was in Brisbane, but was advised to polish my swimming skills before I joined the class further, haha!!


soleil said...

Sounds like lots of good memories from your childhood! That's cute that Baby K was excited with everything he saw at Empire Hotel. How old is he now?

I'm doing well and my pregnancy is going well. Thanks for asking. I have a new post up.

Pancake Queen said...

Yes, the picnic outings were fun!

Baby K is 7 months old now. He's very cute. Everyone comments when he smiles and laughs, he looks like me. He can differentiate his likes and dislikes and he is learning to hold a cup now. Haha!!

Really, that's good! I'll visit your blog after this!

It's nice feeling to be on leave. I feel like an angel!!