Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Max Growth Eyelashes Builder

Woofhams and I went for eyelashes perming few months ago, and we have ordered through the beautician a daily eyelashes growth serum each for both of us. The beautician told us this max growth eyelashes builder is good in: 
  • helping to add strength and support to the lashes
  • stimulating the lashes growth
  • sealing and protecting weak lashes against splitting and breaking 
  • providing the lashes with rich conditioning 
I cancelled both orders when we didn't receive the goods in a week which the beautician has promised. After two and the half months, the beautician asked me this afternoon whether I am still interested in buying it. She explained that the delay was due to shipment because she has no longer asking her orders to be air flown. I bought one as a trial, before I bought for my mother and Woofhams. 

Let's see whether I could see visible , battling eyelashes after 21 days!

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