Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sweet Tooth Fairy

People comment I am fat. I think I am fit. I believe I will look fab if I put in more effort in my diet and devote more time to exercise.

I've gained much weight in the past 5 weeks, largely it is due to stress. The more stressed I become, the sweeter the food I consume. My coffee is getting sweeter, I take more sweet cupcakes, sugar-loaded version of muffins and more chocolate bars than before.

In addition, I don't think twice when I buy crisps and indulge in chicken rice. I feel bloated after eating, but angry and hungry if I don't eat enough. Sigh, as if anger could help burn off the unnecessary calories and fats!

My timetable is upside-down in the past 6 weeks. I've stopped exercise. Even when I exercise, I eat more after exercise, and tend to eat more than required.

Eventually, I gained two kilos. However, due to my bigger bone frame, I look like I have gained 10 kilos and could kill James Bond. Most of my clothes snug tightly on my upper arms and made me look perfectly like female version of Hercules, and I have to send most of my pants for alterations.

Friends comment I look better if I lost a few more unnecessary kilos. My skirts are too tight, they advised me. I knew they meant well. Water retention is bad excuse, and I have stopped using it to protect me for more irresponsible eating.

I will think up a good plan to lose the extra kilos. Don't worry!


Anonymous said...

Che, you are so funny. You sound like Bridget Jones :)

pancake Queen said...

HaHa ... I must lose the extra kilos, otherwise I can't fit in my skinny jeans anymore ;p

soleil said...

Good luck on your diet! I've recently lost weight. I stopped eating bread and cut out all junk food. I usually have SlimFast for breakfast and lunch, then have a salad or a healthy meal for dinner. Snacks can be raw veggies, fruit, raisins, cheese sticks, yogurt.

You can do it! I still need to lose more too. I need to exercise more!!

pancake Queen said...

Thanks for the tips ;-p

I am cutting down carbo in my diet too. I am feeling bloated all the time, these days.

Btw, Congrats -> on your new bf! Update me on the other woman ... Like Kara said, it's fun reading about You, Your new guy and that Woman he used to like ;-)