Thursday, April 10, 2008

Single-By-Choice Mom

Unsure if this is what novels usually refer as "the biological clock ticking". Looking at cute Baby K smiling, shouting, whining and laughing; and admiring my SIL's glowing and happy face looking at his son, all of sudden I am keen and mentally ready to be a mom now. I want to adopt 1 child or 2 children. I believe I would be a good mother. Why adoption? I don't think I am as strong as some women who could go through 9 months pregnancy all by herself without a husband or partner next to support and take care of her. Also, on top of that, my current work schedule doesn't allow me to go away for 56 days maternity leave.

I've seriously thought about adoption these few years, though I still don't have the gut to bring this issue for discussion with my parents. I knew my parents would object to my adoption decision. My mother would disapprove and probably cry for months thinking I have gone crazy. Since young, I have been fiercely independent and different from other kids. Even so, I don't think my mother's tolerance level would extend to accommodate my new decision of adopting children. I may be wrong about them, like how I presumed on the lily plant that I bought for new year - it turned out I was the only one at home worrying about the colour of the flowers. Mom seems very pleased that the plant is growing faster than she has expected!


Anonymous said...

Baby K really brings so much joy to our family. It's a joy to see him grow. I miss him a lot!

pancake Queen said...

Yep, can't agree more! You would love to see his face on his first educational field trip to Mothercare. He looked at everything around him, carefully watched us choosing clothes for him. HaHa ... I miss him so much!

soleil said...

I hope you go through with the adoption thing. I think you would be a great mother. I have always planned on being a mother too, whether I am single or married.

Good luck with your decision!

pancake Queen said...

Thanks Soleil! I believe you'll be great mother too ;-)