Monday, March 03, 2008

New Generation PCs Design

Friend M asked me: Heard you've changed your hand phone?
Pancake: You are 50-50 correct.
Friend M: Why 50-50?
Pancake: I use my two phones "interchangeably".
Friend M: Oh, what's the new phone's configuration, what's the MP for it's camera phone function?
Pancake: It's 3.2 MP, same as my Nokia's E90.
Friend M: Ok, that's better. With technology advancing so fast these days, we can allow for upgrades, not downgrades.

HaHa. Indeed true. What a cute friend she is.

During my granny's generation, we communicated through land lines. I don't think my late granny would picture one day we could have a portable phone in this world that you could make calls anywhere you like, and take pictures using your phone etc etc etc.

I believe one day, husbands could sniff their wife's cooking through hand phone's sensor capability, too.

I stumbled upon these PC news this morning. Aren't they inspiring us to live our current life to the fullest!

Travels Lightly: Wearable PC

No laptop bag needed -- the Fluc PC system consists of a wearable bracelet that interfaces wirelessly with a portable display. The bracelet holds your personal, digital information while the display gives you a larger viewing area and connects multimedia devices. The system can also interface wirelessly with a portable display or with other computers.

Fashion Statement: Don't Leave It @ Home

What to wear to your next meet-up? Harmonious, a traditional jade necklace design of ancient China that signifies "harmony," is designed for young people and is suited to blogging, chatting and social networking. The device's mapping function shows the physical locations of the user's friends. If a friend is nearby, the color of the device changes to represent the personality of that friend. Harmonious is meant to be a fashion accessory with computing power. But, I am more concerned with the misuse of this gadget.

Yuno: Drink It The Media PC

Unlimited refills takes on new meaning with the Yuno PC, a mug that doubles as a media PC. The mug holds your morning beverage on the inside -- like any normal mug -- but its outside is a touch-screen interface displaying your news, e-mail and so on -- but just the content you might want to see when your day begins. "Everyone has a morning routine which usually involves drinks like coffee, tea and juice, also checking and watching for things like stocks, traffic or an e-mail from your boss," the developers point out.

Source: PC World.

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