Thursday, March 13, 2008

It Was There

Feeling is a strange word, and it is very abstract.

Yesterday at random, I stumbled upon one of the older movies of Takeshi Kaneshiro which described a love triangle involving Takeshi Kaneshiro, Gigi Leung and Karen Mok. I only watched the last 15 minutes of the movie, and didn't quite understand their relationship till the part which Karen's character died two decades later in the story. Karen married to Takeshi but divorced when she found out Takeshi was still in love with Gigi. Gigi married to another man, but she wasn't happy. After Karen's funeral, the pair chatted on the past, and GiGi found out Takeshi was at one stage very much in love in her. She also found out Takeshi is getting married to a young lady half her age that summer. She felt uneasy and felt something been "snatched" from her life which was once hers.

Another scenaro is, if two persons have mutual feelings but never disclose the feelings, is the feeling not real? (read also: May 23rd 2007 posting on There is "No Us").

Many of my friends don't manage to walk down the aisle with their Mr Right, they splited because of either differences in geographical location, nationality, faith or occupation. A few of them bumped into their ex few years down the road, and neither made initiative to greet each other. When a relationship doesn't end up in marriage, does it imply love/feeling has never been there?

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