Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Country, My Home

Brunei Darussalam celebrating 24th National Day on 23rd February 2008

We celebrate our 24th National Day today. The theme of this year's National Day is Tunas Bangsa (read: focusing on the Nation's Youth and nurture them so they would contribute positively to the country).

I drove into the capital early this morning, hoping to get front rows parking. The weather was good. It didn't rain, but I had a hard battle with humidity - trying to make sure my concealer stayed in place. The eczema around the corner of my mouth started to bug me since Monday, and usually the discolouration gets worse when it starts to heal. A colleague asked if I have forgotten to wipe my mouth after meals and that's why the dark patch around my mouth. Geez, I have better table mannerism than what she thought!

On a separate note, I couldn't help thinking how time flies. I was a secondary two young student when I took part in the performance celebrating our independence 24 years ago. In another 24 years, I will be a retiree. It's hard to imagine myself as a 60ish old lady watching National Day parade. "Excuse me, Excuse me, give way to old lady watching parade. Show more respect, don't block my view". HaHa! Or may be I will sit in an armchair with a nice cuppa watching the parade on national television with a kitten resting on my lap.

I took a panoramic view of the performance using my new Sony Ericsson K770i camera phone. The picture didn't turn out very well - well, it's still a new phone to me. I started using it only 24 hours ago. Give me another week, I believe my camera-phone photography skill will be better by next week!


Anonymous said...

Happy Sister's day, Che. Love you :)

pancake Queen said...

Happy Sister's Day to you too!!

Much Love,