Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I hate (notice: strong word!) men as well as women whom I don't know to stand very close to me and disregard my personal space because too much crime TV dramas have taught me that is a highly insecure and risky situation.

I received an e-mail this afternoon from a friend, which again proved that my theory and argument above are perfectly correct and relevant.

From a friend's friend ........

Ladies, must read, Never knew this would actually happen. Please read and take precautions. Beware, don't talk to strangers. Recently, a female friend of mine has encountered a strange incident. She was approached by a 30ish yrs old Chinese man carrying a big sling bag when she was waiting for her husband. I saw the man talking to her while I was walking towards her, and I was puzzled when I found her suddenly walked off with the man and I was more stunned when she walked past me without acknowledging my existence.

Thinking something amiss, I called her hand phone immediately! She answered the phone and was shocked to realise she was no longer near where she was. I knew something wasn't right, and told my friend to just RUN! She quickly ran off ...... She called me 15 minutes later and told me to meet at our usual cafe. She was shivering all over when we met and she told me she wasn't too sure of what was going on in the past 30 minutes. She recalled a Chinese man was asking for directions which she couldn't relate. The man repeated his question twice, and made some innocent hand gestures like counting which she later realised she might have been hypnotised. He spoke in a deliberate and slower manner, his hands moved in a way to help hypnotise.

People with ill minds come in all shapes. Some look like one and you can identify almost immediately and pay necessary precautions. Some appear to be more decently dressed, soft spoken like a normal guy on the street and this might not easy to detect. Above information was from a friend in Singapore, but same incident could happen in other corners of the world too. Please stay alert!

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